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A Taste of Perspective…

A taste of perspective makes life beyond compare.

Bitterness complicates simplicity;
sweetness brightens the day named, “Gloomy”;
while tasteless runs through numbness
and numbness turns into dumbness.

A matter of choice, a taste of perspective…
make sure to pay a worthwhile fare.

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Paradox of Expectations

Expectations, a critical part of our human mislead.

Failure we reap, though success as its seed.

Abuse blooms forward though love it is that has been sown.

Killed as a criminal, vindicated, yet stainless as the barren snow.

“Where is the Justice? The brush that paints life fair?”

But why do you complain, contrast, or compare?

When the beauty of grace has made life most unfair.


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Familiar or Intimate?

“Don’t confuse familiarity with intimacy. Familiarity is knowing about God; intimacy is knowing God.”

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to MY future YOU

This letter I write to MY future YOU.

Whoever you would be, and whatever you would do

Whatever you would look like, I would serenely take you part

As color to my dull life, and blood to my sleeping heart,

As long as God gave you, I would not care about who you are.

Though [with] the infinite possibilities, you would be the only shining star.

Running as fast as we can with the same goal set in our individual hearts,

Meeting each other in the middle with the words, “till death do us part”.

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cross = grace = life

“The deeper your appreciation of the cross, the deeper you understand grace, and the deeper you understand grace the stronger your relationship with God is.”

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Something to think about…

“You let the world, which doesn’t know the first thing about living, tell you how to live. You filled your lungs with polluted unbelief, and then exhaled disobedience.”           Ephesians 2:2 (The Message)

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Savior’s Love = “Sin less” Life


We all have our own shares of ‘selfishness’; own set of struggles; and own sticky sins…

Yet God with His stubborn love and unfathomable grace gave His all so He could win us back in His secured hands. It is a moment and a process.

And everyday, we are called to die to ourselves.

It is not a new life of sinless perfection but a new life in His perfection that has made us able to sin less and less and less…

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